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Maku-uute Raspberry
Maku-uute Raspberry
Maku-uutteiden aistiprosessi
Maku-uutteiden aistiprosessi
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  • Hop Sensation is much more efficient (up to 100%) in imparting flavours and aromas than traditional dry hopping, where only 20 to 35% of the hops' flavours and aromas are absorbed by the wort. Therefore, a smaller dose is enough for the same impact, making the product cost-effective for the brewer.
  • No hop cones or granules added to the beer means no hop residue to be filtered out.
  • Standardised product to facilitate brewing beer with a consistent flavour, as the dosage is no longer dependent on the batch or year the hops were harvested.
  • Improved shelf life compared to hops, product is light stable and can be stored at room temperature.
  • Stable quality for the entire life span (1 year)
  • Here’s how it works: (see sensation process picture) 

    Easily add the desired flavour and aroma of hops and instantly taste the difference. Follow the steps below for a perfect result.
  • Brew (with a beer kit, malt kit or your own recipe)
  • Ferment
  • Taste
  • Add your sensation 
    * Repeat steps 3 and 4 until desired result
  • Bottle
  • Enjoy

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